Demands are intensifying

Our AI-Powered solutions help radiologists stay firmly in control


The pressure is building and escalating across healthcare and in radiology departments across the world. More patients. More data generated with each study. All of this with less resources. RADLogics’ AI-Powered solutions have been developed to address these challenges by augmenting radiologists. Our clinically validated algorithms automatically detect and measure abnormalities on CTs, PET-CTs and X-rays. In addition, our solutions provide automatic triage alerts to the radiologist to help ensure potential findings are reviewed in a timely manner.

Our Platform

Designed for easy integration and installation both on-premise and via the cloud—RADLogics’ algorithms are supported by the company’s patented* workflow software platform that enables rapid deployment of the solution at multiple hospitals using commercial cloud-computing resources through Amazon Web Services (AWS). RADLogics’ AI-Powered applications are also available through our distribution partners and via major AI marketplace vendors including the Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging. To view our algorithms on the Nuance AI Marketplace, you can visit the RADLogics page.

*U.S. patent 8953858, Japan patent 6585772, other patents pending


1. Our AI-Powered solutions can process DICOM data from multiple image modalities.

2. Our AI-Powered solutions fully integrate into existing workflow, then processes and delivers findings within seconds. Results are also available for output via major AI marketplaces such as Nuance.

3. All findings, measurements, alerts and key-images are delivered seamlessly to the radiologist’s workstation, PACS and reporting system.

4. There are no extra steps—the findings slide right into current workflow, and radiologists don’t need to leave their current screen to review our automatically generated information.

Our Commitment

At RADLogics, we have spent a decade developing algorithms and clinically proven applications that address three of the primary challenges faced by today’s radiologist. We are committed to unlocking the potential of AI for radiologists and clinicians across the world to address these challenges and to increase accuracy, increase throughput, improve efficiency and enhance time-to-treatment.

Increase Throughput & Reduce Burnout

Radiologists spend significant time on repeated visual searches through the imaging data and performing quantitative measurements with tedious-to-use PACS-based tools. As radiology departments become overwhelmed with more images to read and less resources to do so, burnout has increased dramatically. AI-Powered applications are poised to not only augment radiologists to improve throughput, but to reduce burnout in the process.

Improve Efficiency & Reduce Errors

We are leveraging AI to reduce errors in radiological reports due to missed detection of important findings, and improve efficiency by enabling automatically providing quantitative findings information.

Enhance Time-to-Treatment & Outcomes

All-too-frequent incidents in the ER and ICU, patients with critical findings are not receiving timely treatment because their medical imaging studies are in queue to be read by over-burdened radiologists. AI solutions offer time savings in treatment turnaround-times—cutting down on valuable time that it currently takes radiologists to produce their reports, which could be lifesaving.

Regulatory Approvals

RADLogics has a track record of securing approvals from key regulatory agencies across the globe—including FDA clearance—for a number of our applications. Below is an overview of our current FDA cleared applications with many more in development.


COVID-19 (CT + X-ray)FDA Authorized*
Free Pleural Liquid CTFDA Cleared
Free Pleural Air CTFDA Cleared
X-ray (Pneumothorax)FDA Cleared
Many more in development

* In accordance with FDA guidance for imaging systems and software to address the COVID-19 public health emergency